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Benefits of Planning

Many people and families make the decision to plan and fund their funerals before the need arises. The benefits of funeral planning are obvious.

Funeral planning

  • Provides peace of mind,
  • Relieves your loved ones from unnecessary concerns,
  • Ensures that your desires are known,
  • Relieves your family of the financial burden.

We almost all try to protect ourselves against the bad luck of life. However few of us are preparing for the inevitable.

The function of funerals

A funeral service fulfills several important needs in today's society. First, we care for the respect of the deceased, giving them a special tribute to a single life. Also important, the funeral service reminds survivors of the reality of death - the first step in overcoming their grief. Funerals gather relatives and friends who can give them support and comfort as needed.

Funerals provide an opportunity for friends and family to express the love and respect they feel for someone who is very important to them. All the more so, the sympathy and the behavior of the society to the loss of a loved one become an immense relief for all the proven families.

Provide for funeral needs

Traditionally, there are three ways to predict funeral needs:

1. Life insurance

The level of death benefits should normally cover current family expenses. But usually, settlement of death benefits is only received after weeks or even months of waiting. And over time, inflation can erode the value of the benefit.

2. Savings

Often exhausted by the costs of illness before death, it may not be available at the time of death. In addition, long-term investments may be subject to taxes and penalties on withdrawals before maturity.

3. Friends and family

Counting on these people places an unexpected burden on those you love the most, it can put them in an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation; it can cause friction between them.

Point of view of the heirs

Regardless of which funeral plan you choose, it's important for the family to know exactly where the documents are that will help them get the benefit of your insurance.

The importance of making a will:

Every adult should have a will, regardless of age or financial situation. A will is an overly important legal document to prevent serious problems for your survivors.

If you have not yet made your will, you should write one as soon as possible with the help of legal counsel. It‘s in your own interest that your desires be recorded for the relief of your family.

Document Updates

In the interest of your family, write down everything you think the executor of your estate should know to satisfy your desires.

Do not forget to include biographical and financial information, including:

  • Place of will,
  • Information about insurance policies,
  • Children's names, addresses and phone numbers,
  • Bank accounts and other financial documents,
  • Safety cabinets if required,
  • Benefits and any other important document.

Then make your arrangements before the need arises...
For those you love.